“Constructing Dream Projects To Reality
With Quality Workmanship”


When designing your new landscaped property layout a great contrasting feature to your surrounding vegetation (i.e Softscaping) is to incorporate some hardscaping on your property. Any man-made feature’s such as interlock or natural flag stone, armour stone feature walls, decks ect. By using high quality, environmentally sustainable materials, we are able to make your hardscaping projects friendly to the environment, as well as striving for quality to last a long time in our Canadian weather systems.

Hardscaping services….
-Retaining walls
-Feature walls
-Stone stairs


We believe it is important to have a good balance between hardscapes and softscapes, the most visually appealing landscaped properties have equal separation between the two. Softscaping referring to the live horticultural elements such as plantation, flowers, trees, shrubs ect. It retains a more natural appeal to your property.

Softscape service’s…
-Tree Planting
-Aerating/ lawn seeding
-Garden Installation/maintenance
-Spring/Fall property clean-ups


In a world of long lasting materials, the developed science behind concrete has now proven to be better than ever. Being the most commonly used man-made construction material on earth now offered in a variety of colours and ways to create various pattern designs, you can’t even tell it’s concrete.

Concrete services…
-Stamped concrete


We are fortunate enough to have a team of not only skilled landscapers but also skilled carpenters. By having a team of multi-talented trade skills we are able to offer professional services in multiple trades. In the winter months along with snow removal, we fill our schedule with renovation projects. From full renovations, bathrooms, kitchens to small shop work, we are willing to discuss any interior renovation projects you may have in mind.

Snow Removal:

Being in Canada we all know the joys of the cold winter months when the snow starts to fly. Along with renovations we also have a snow removal crew to keep us busy during our off season of landscaping. Operating with plow trucks, blowers and shovels we can adjust to your preference on how you want the snow removed from your driveway or walkways! Feel free to contact us early in the season for discontented snow removal rates! PS. We actually show up… ask us about our commitment guarantee contract.

Snow Removal Services…
-Driveway clearing (plow, blower, shovel cleaning)
-Full removal of access snow from your property
-Roof snow clearing

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